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Expensive system installs, maintenance headaches, software upgrades, data breaches, and data loss … they’re gone and stay gone. Majikal is a simple all-inclusive cloud-based service with proven techniques for reducing the day-to-day costs and distractions of running computer systems. Our customers are medical practices and small companies looking to avoid (or escape) the problems plaguing other information technology (IT) service providers — including other cloud-based providers..

We know because most of our new customers are their old customers.

Medical Practice Computing Experts

Medical Practice Computing Experts

You won’t need to explain the computing requirements of a modern medical practice to us. We’ve spent years working with healthcare specialists, general practitioners, and Australia’s leading providers of medical application software. That’s what makes us such a powerful ally in your daily struggle to maintain regulatory compliance, ensure ready secure access to patient information, and contain ever-rising healthcare costs.

Making Small Companies Look Big

We Make Small Companies Look Big

One reason small companies stay small is because too many people are doing too many things they don’t have time for — like running IT. Majikal gives you all the computing power of a big company IT department without hiring expensive IT staff or buying, maintaining, and upgrading systems. So you keep costs down and your people focused on what they’re being paid to do — while you enjoy the efficiency, flexibility, and automation big companies have — so one day you’ll be a big company too!

Reach Remote Workspace

Reach Remote Workspace

Whether you’re a medical practice or a small company, we provide your staff with a Windows desktop that looks and acts just like the regular Windows desktop they’re accustomed to — except this one comes already set up for your office! And because your applications run in the cloud, they always stay up to date. Your data stays backed up and protected and the whole environment is pre-tested to ensure everything works together flawlessly!

It's Majikal because it comes complete


1. A desktop that comes ready to do business

We eliminate the worry and work of setting up users’ desktops — they’re ready to work with just one click!

Reach Remote Workspace is a self-contained, pre-built, pre-configured environment for your staff. The applications are already online, Windows settings are already configured, and access privileges are already in place. There are no software incompatibilities to track down, no version updates to apply, or unauthorized applications to remove. This is a tailored workspace optimized for your medical practice or business that maximizes productivity, significantly lowers costs and virtually eliminates computer-related disruptions.

2. The reliability of 24/7/365 system monitoring

We’re always checking your Windows system, applications, databases, and the underlying infrastructure for problems.

Vigilance is our industry-leading IT performance-monitoring solution and a key part of the total Majikal package. Vigilance monitors all critical services, applications and devices around the clock and provides built-in measures designed to keep your applications online and performing at peak levels without interruption. In addition, Vigilance reports show where usage patterns, system bottlenecks, or other issues may require attention so that your users can also continue to perform at peak levels.

3. Peace of mind if disaster strikes

With our backup and recovery solution — Protect — your systems and data can be restored reliably and quickly.

Your data is your business, and so is your ability to get your office back up and running quickly should a disaster strike. That’s why we offer Protect — our state-of-the-art backup and recovery solution — as part of every Majikal service package. With Protect your data and systems can be brought back to the same state they were in prior to the disaster, based on policies you set. Once we complete your initial backup, we automatically take incremental snapshots of your entire environment — applications, system software, and data — as often as every 15 minutes. Then if we ever need to, we fully restore your environment as of the last update so you never lose critical business data.

4. Your connection to the cloud

Before you can be IN the cloud you have to first GET TO the cloud. We handle all those details too, so you don’t have to.

With Majikal, the benefits of cloud computing are automatically yours. No expensive hardware to buy, install, or maintain, no complex technology to upgrade, and no software to update. All you have to do is connect. We make that part easy too — with Link. Link handles all the details of setting up your cloud service so you get the right cloud service. You don’t pay for things you don’t need, but always get the things you do — like enough bandwidth, link redundancy, compute power, and storage to keep your medical practice or small company running smoothly.

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Names You Trust

Majikal works with the names you know, including Best Practice — the leading provider of software for general medical practices in Australia — and Genie — Australia’s leading software solution for specialists. Their many years of experience and huge installed base testifies to the many features, great ease-of-use, and high reliability of their products

What’s Private Stays Private

We understand the importance of keeping patient data private. That’s why we take special privacy measures some other cloud providers don’t — like building virtual walls between each client’s space in the cloud so that data from one medical practice does not accidently leak to into another medical practice’s space.

More Time for Patients

Medical offices are incredibly busy places. You need to be diagnosing patients, not computer glitches. Even routine computer chores, like updating software or configuring printers, can be a major distraction. Majikal’s complete all-in-one computing environment removes those distractions so you have much more time for your patients.

Concierge Customer Support

When a computing issue does arise, you’ll be talking to an expert right away, not waiting in a support queue or getting transferred from one service agent to another. You will receive highly personal service from an expert you will meet and get to know from the moment you sign on as our customer.

We Get Medical

Medical practices are challenging, highly specialized environments with unique computing needs. So choosing a computing partner that doesn’t understand those needs poses a risk, both to your practice and your patients. Our large installed base, many word-of-mouth referrals and years of experience are your assurance we understand medical.

Control Your Costs

Medical offices are on the front lines of healthcare cost containment. One of the biggest items you can control is what you spend on computer-related costs — including staff time, hardware, software, business disruptions, and so on. When they add it all up, many medical practices find we are their low-cost option.

No Waiting

We can set up your computer environment within days — sometimes over a weekend! Compare that to the months you could spend researching software and hardware options; buying, installing and configuring new systems, and then going back and forth with vendors to straighten out unforeseen issues.

Industrial Strength Computing

For budgetary and other reasons, smaller companies must often sacrifice on the robustness of their systems — settling for less reliability, less capacity, and less functionality than the bigger companies with whom they compete. With Majikal, there is no settling. You get industrial strength on day 1.

Grows with Your Business

Businesses often experience peaks and valleys when it comes to how much computing capacity they need. Because Majikal is cloud based, your computing capacity expands or contracts easily based on business needs — and you only pay for what you need.

Turn CAPex into OPex

Writing a check every month to cover a business expense is usually much easier and more manageable than making large capital purchases that depreciate over several years. You also save the expense of maintenance, repair, and upgrades — so your cash flow is more predictable.

Future Proof Your Technology

With Majikal you never have to wonder whether your software applications and Windows releases are up-to-date or compatible with each other. They are! Not only do you save the money you would otherwise spend doing the upgrades; you also save the hassle of doing it yourself.

Best of Breed Solutions

Whether it’s applications, cloud-hosting providers, data backup and recovery software, or any other business requiements — Majikal selects the best solutions in each category and goes the extra mile to ensure they all work together seamlessly.


Based in Draper, Utah, USA, StorageCraft Technology Corporation is an international company providing innovative technology and solutions in PC and server recovery and data protection. Its ShadowProtect technology is the “under the hood” engine for some of the largest backup software vendors' data protection, backup, and disaster recovery software products.

Azure WVD

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Regardless of your device type (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or any other device with an HTML5 web client) bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and remote connect to your enterprise experience with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, their cybersecurity platform protects 500,000+ organisations and 250+ million individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints.

Best Practice

Based in the Bundaberg. QLD, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Hamilton (NZ), Best Practice Software is the leading medical practice software product in Australasian. Best Practice was founded in 2004 by Dr. Frank Pyefinch, a general practitioner with more than a decade’s experience as a pioneer medical software developer in Australia.

Genie Solutions

Used by more than half of Australian medical specialists, Genie is by far the largest provider of specialist software in Australia. Founded in 1995, Genie Solutions has offices in Brisbane, Syndey, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. Genie is one of the six desktop vendors selected by NeHTA to lead the implementation of eHealth in Australia.


Majikal is proud to offer Windows 10 and Office 365, providing cloud-hosted versions of the world’s most popular productivity software suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Installed as a “click to run” system, the platform allows users to begin using applications almost instantaneously while files are streamed in the background.

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